Refinance your mortgage

The decision to refinance should be well thought out with all the information that your mortgage lender, Ron, can present to you.

There are many factors to go over and consider. Ron Holt, as a Professional Mortgage Lender, can help you weigh the pros and cons of your situation.

Even a small reduction in the interest rate can make a difference in your monthly mortgage payment. Ron, as a home loan professional, he can help you to determine if this would be the best route for you to take to possibly keep you in your home. Consulting a tax advisor should may also be consulted, as your personal tax situation may effect your decision.

Obtaining a home loan is possible even with poor credit. If you have had credit problems in the past, Ron Holt will be honest with you about what it may take to obtain a mortgage. He will let you know what type of interest rate it may take, if you will need to make a higher down payment. Ron will be up front with you and let you know if getting the home loan is possible.

Ron may also lay out a plan which may call for a short term solution or a long term strategy that will give you the options that will let you make the best decision based on all the facts.


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